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[Makuro + Ash Wing] Devil Kiss 2 (English) August 23, 2011

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Think I figured it out.

This, gentlemen and lady, is quite possibly both the original lustable trap and the original silver haired anime negro. I mean, seriously now, we’re talking honest to Tomino canon, IN SERIES trap. And he wasn’t just a trap in any old thing. Loren was, and probably will always be, the only Gundam main character to ever be propositioned by a dude, wear a dress, and convince just about everyone that it was okay that he was naked in half his first scenes because he was from the moon. Yes, Gundam. Gundam, people. Not some otaku Strike Witches bullshit. Not some lame eroge visual novel bullshit they made into a wee-hours of the morning show that only twelve people in Japan ever watched live. Gundam. The George Lucas of anime. Gundam. And not just any Gundam, but ∀ Gundam the last real Gundam (Tomino’s last Gundam show, at least…) and the one, only one, true Gundam show. He was a white haired, brown skinned, crossdressing trap shota.

Gundam sure is silly, isn’t it?

Here, have this to combat your raging boner:

Question to the readers: Seriously, where did the white haired anime Negro originate? And when did they start making them sexy?

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One Response to “[Makuro + Ash Wing] Devil Kiss 2 (English)”

  1. Anthrax451 Says:

    This page may be of some help:
    tl;dr it’s probably ganguro culture

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