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[Okabayashi Beru] My Maid Boy! (English) August 30, 2011

Filed under: Blurk,Crossdressing,Keevan,Maid,Okabayashi Beru,Original,Shotacon — Little White Butterflies @ 10:02 am

We have a guy who’s making a maid outfit and needs someone to try it out for him and a cute boy who accidently breaks his window and says he’ll do anything to make up for it. What happens next!?

Note: If you use the Depositfiles link we get a small amount of money to help cover our costs. If you appreciate our work and can tolerate a small amount of inconvenience, we’d be very grateful if you used it.




6 Responses to “[Okabayashi Beru] My Maid Boy! (English)”

  1. chengsta Says:

    wooh! new site discovered! keep up the good work!

  2. Zathael Says:

    “Welcome to Penis-land!!”

    I literally laughed loud enough that I think my neighbors could hear me. Thanks!

  3. TODI Says:

    Thank you for you hard work and release! 8DD

    And thank you again for making this site~!

  4. klyde Says:

    Like he said:Freaking Awesome!

  5. yeller Says:

    I would just like to say I have enjoyed this one immensely. It was too short though, totally needs a sequel. I hope there is!

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