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[Hayashi Puramoten] Cherry Boys Tea Shop (English) August 31, 2011

Filed under: Cherry Girls,Crossdressing,Dark Mac,enema,Forced,Hayashi Puramoten,ThatDamnVamp,Urination,Yaoi — Little White Butterflies @ 9:24 am

The cafe isn’t doing too well, so Tomo forces Nao and Yuki to perform and receive punishment games from the customers.

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4 Responses to “[Hayashi Puramoten] Cherry Boys Tea Shop (English)”

  1. Belzeebub Says:

    Great!! A doujinshi of Cherry Girls, amazing, good job .

  2. T. Starrk Says:

    Great release… Fuckin’ awesome blog… That’s all I wanted to say.

  3. goldoa Says:

    THANK YOU for this! Would love to see the second and third one in this series translated as well!

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