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[Ayato Sasakura] Warui Ko ni Nareruyo (English) September 1, 2011

Filed under: Ayato Sasakura,Gurumao,Original — Little White Butterflies @ 9:47 am

Souichirou is in a fluffy relationship with his homeroom teacher. When, one day, he gets caught for bringing a cell phone to school and to make it worse he refuses to tell the reason. As a teacher and the seme, it’s up to Kazuyoshi to teach him a lesson in discipline and love…

Shota doesn’t get any more vanilla-er than this. Gotta love possessive semes.

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2 Responses to “[Ayato Sasakura] Warui Ko ni Nareruyo (English)”

  1. T. Starrk Says:

    Is this from Shounen Dolce?

    Thanks for the release and the awesome new blog.

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