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[Cannabis] Trap: Younger Brother-In-Law Sequel (English) September 3, 2011

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So, let’s get this straight. If you’re cheating on your girlfriend, and you’re going to cheat on her with somebody in her family, isn’t it best that it be her cute little fag brother? I mean, of course, it’s never RIGHT to cheat on someone who you’ve pledged your love to, especially if you did so during a long, elaborate, costly ceremony which was viewed by the larger part of your family and hers, plus combined friends. also probably not right to cheat on a girl who is preggers. think about the baby! (note: if the baby is male and turns out to be a delicious trap, then the best road of action becomes cheating on her with trap spawn)

let’s examine all the other options (i am not kidding)
Cheat with a random girl: Your girl is going to be pissed. SHE was once some random girl!!
Cheat with a random dude: Your girl is going to be… kinda aroused!? Plus, she knows it’s not like she could ever honestly compare herself to a dude, so, no pressure, right?
Fact: Better to cheat on a girl with a dude. This is now a fact.

Cheat with a girl you know: Your girl is going to be pissed. Why’d you waste her time if you just always wanted said acquaintance? Also, way to fuck up a friendship/whatever that other chick was!
Cheat with a dude you know: Your girl gets turned on… but finds out you’re the least sexy part of the equation. Now you get NTR’d by her.
Fact 2: Unless you enjoy being cuckolded, Fact 1 no longer applies if these are people you know.

Cheat with a girl she knows: You’re going to eventually lose them both. This never happens. Yes, never. All right. Well maybe it might happen to some guy, somewhere, but it sure as fuck isn’t ever going to happen to you. Also, she’s likely angrier at the chick than at you, which is the silver lining here because why are you still fucking imagining this this is fucking death to any and all relationships and every guy who has actually gotten his dick wet with a chick and then proceeded to dip into a female that she somehow knows knows that this is anathema to your dick getting wet in the future because somehow both girls are going to convince one another that it’s your fault and so yeah maybe this did happen to me once but fuck you you fucking wish it would happent o you you fucing worm face ugly no good eternal virgin fartknocker!
Cheat with a guy she knows: Are you asking for fact 2?
Fact 3: Don’t ever cheat with anybody she knows…. unless…

Cheat with a member of her family: She’s pissed… but she does have to forgive her family. This is Japan we’re talking about, in case you’ve forgotten.
Cheat with someone who isn’t a member of her family: We’ve covered this already! See Facts 1-3!
Cheat with a member of your family: She’s pissed… and there is no good side here.
Fact 4: Fuck her family! Especially if they’re Asian! (silly Asians and the importance they place on family!)

Cheat with a female member of her family: Fact 1, dumbass!
Cheat with a male member of her family: what did i just say?
Fact 1 is also Fact 5!

Cheat with an older, male member of her family: Fact 1 and 4… just hope that when she forgives daddy/uncle Quentin, she doesn’t start thinking about how studly he looked when… ohh, see what happened, you got NTR’d again!
Cheat with a younger, male member of her family: Fact 1 and 4… now she’s probably going to be pissed that you slept with anybody younger than her. That’s something women hate, or so rumors say. But it’s a fact of life that younger women are just more attractive because of babies, and she’ll have to deal with that eventually so this one is better… … unless the younger male member of her family is better looking than you are and -… … seriously. seriously? you got fucking NTR’d again!?
Fact whatever number this is: Wait a second how can a logical conclusion be drawn from all of this?

Cheat with a gay man: Fact 1’s hotness for her… plus neutralizing all NTR threats… and she (a straight female) can’t expect to seriously be compared to him! (a gay male)
Cheat with a straight man: Seriously. Just bring your wife to a truck stop already.
Fact 42: Cheat with a fag if you’re going to cheat at all! This has got to be obvious!

So bring back the whole “have to forgive the family” from Fact 4 and… Yes!

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What are the various geographic, cultural, religious, diplomatic, political and economic factors that have contributed to the three separate but linked south east Asian nations of Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, as they exist today?

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7 Responses to “[Cannabis] Trap: Younger Brother-In-Law Sequel (English)”

  1. shizukuxii Says:

    Thanks!! I like Cannabis trap a lot. =3

  2. Kyle Pun Says:

    i find another Cannabis work it called are you going to translated this one BOY meets RAPE thanks and sorry for asking

  3. JukanX Says:

    Thanks for the release guys.
    BTW, the current theme seems broken for me (on Firefox Aurora 8.0a2)… In the comment box, the e-mail / name / website input boxes are on the same line as the labels. Can anybody else confirm?

  4. Falos Says:

    Do your own damn homework! Wait, no, argue for environmental factors: It was all the humidity’s fault.

  5. Micah Says:

    You lost me.

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