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(C80) [Neko Masshigura] Magical Hideyoshi Gang Rape! September 22, 2011

Some parodies are good. Some parodies are… well… we all probably know what it’s like to want to violently murder the Wayans brothers… Let’s just say that written parody has the big, big, big disadvantage in that if it copies too much from the source it’s parodying, it just comes off like bad plagiarism… But the visual element of manga/hentai really helps save the day, because the parody can then be delivered with only one or two vehicles (plot and misquotes, motifs and archetypes, gimmicks and style, or any combination of these and more).

So here we have Hideyoshi crossdressing as a magical girl. And you can probably figure out the rest from the title.

It’s a very fappable hentai. Art is nice pretty much everywhere, and the guys are very verbal, if you’re into that kind of thing. Hideyoshi is, of course, smoking hot. It’s about as cookie-cutter as a Hideyoshi yaoi story can get. And Hideyoshi as a magical girl is probably sexy enough that it could get its own OVA… and i’m not even kidding, somebody in Japan needs to get on this.

As a parody… this thing pretty much blows. Baka Test ALREADY rips off the “magical school life” genre to hell and back. And now, as a donjinshi, we have the author inserting all of his own Mary-Sues (depicted in this one as the F-classers), on top of ripping off of Baka Test’s typical situation… and it’s trying to mainly be a porn so… the parody pretty much gets lost in the sauce. It’s pretty much a cheap gimmick to get Hideyoshi into an outfit like that.

I’m not complaining. I just think he should have spent more time tuning up the illustrations…

Question to the readers:
What is your favorite parody of all time?





6 Responses to “(C80) [Neko Masshigura] Magical Hideyoshi Gang Rape!”

  1. JukanX Says:

    Thanks for the release guys.
    As for favorite parodies, in any genre it would be the “Young Frankenstein” movie. Restricting the field to ero-doujinshi, I’d have to say “Four leaf lover” by Da Hootch (a Yotsuba&! parody, of which LWB did vol. 2).

    PS: I was curious about the molecule on the cover; given that it’s got many NOx groups I thought it was that drug that comes in blue pills, but it turned out it’s TNT.

  2. hazydawn Says:

    Thanks for another release đŸ˜€

  3. yeller Says:

    Cover looks hot! I will wait to look inside though because I am resting my penis currently.

  4. SHADEN Says:

    my favorite crushing parody of modern life is Sazae-san because that show is so shitty and caused the deaths of about a dozen kids in Japan due to the dumb bean trick

  5. Pellagio Says:

    This Is Spinal Tap

    in the realm of H manga anything by Takotsuboya but especially Witches no Panties the Full Metal Jacket/Strike Witches parody.

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