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[Tottototomekichi] Let’s Force Him to Crossdress and Rape Him (English) September 23, 2011

Filed under: Crossdressing,Dark Mac,Gangbang,Original,Rape,Tottototomekichi,Yakuri,Yaoi — Little White Butterflies @ 1:18 pm

Another one with a fairly descriptive title. Some guys see a gay porn video and decide to re-enact it on the boy they always bully.

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6 Responses to “[Tottototomekichi] Let’s Force Him to Crossdress and Rape Him (English)”

  1. Lady HeeHee Says:

    Fuq yes. I don’t care for straight smex, and I have never read/seen a good yuri manga. I love all the yaoi I’m seeing here. Thanks, Wharf. I looove you.

  2. never mind Says:

    Wow, that was depressing. Rape, bullying and violence just ain’t my cup of tea. Why aren’t there more stories where both parties are enjoying it?

  3. ventlus Says:

    Normally the second story is where they rape him so much he likes to enjoy so they would both enjoy it in long run?

  4. Sakuranbo Says:

    will there be another chapter?

  5. hazydawn Says:

    Yet another release! I love you

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