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(C80) [Lv.X & Yuzuki N] Another Gate September 28, 2011

Filed under: Dark Mac,Incest,Lv.X,Rape,Steins;Gate,Trap,Yakuri,Yuzuki N — Blurk @ 4:15 pm

Steins;Gate book with two stories. In the first, Okabe administers punishment to Moeka during their confrontation for her crimes. In the second, we finally get to see the real reason Ruka’s dad makes him dress like a girl (as if any of us didn’t already know it…).





2 Responses to “(C80) [Lv.X & Yuzuki N] Another Gate”

  1. JukanX Says:

    Thanks guys. Currently downloading the anime subs, so I’ll read this release in a few days.

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