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(C80) [pantwo(ziz)] Madoushi no Colostrum (FFIX) October 11, 2011

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Kuja is delicious, has always been delicious. But Ziz has made Kuja even more delicious (some single pictures by Ziz are actually accountable for some hundred dozen gallons of masturbation spooge) and now this is his/her first doujinshi featuring Kuja! Quite hot, but you can tell the artist is still just starting off, as bubbles and text boxes and text placement are all pretty screwy. (although most of the placement screwiness has been taken out for this version).
Essentially, the incestuous Kuja gets tricked into letting some author-insert character fuck him/her/whatever. If genderbender is your thing, this is the doujin for you.

Kuja is the big bad from FF9, the last FF exclusively for the PS1. Androgynous as fuck, even in the game, Kuja is also a bit weird about his SPOILER brother, Zidane, the game’s protagonist SPOILER. Both of them were created in another world by Garland (the old man), and are therefore brothers. In this story, the author-insert character uses a technique to make Kuja see him as Zidane, and they get freaky deaky. Also, Garland has somehow modified Kuja to have huge tits.

Question to the readers: Did you know that colostrum is not just higher in protein than normal breast milk, while having less fat, but that it’s also very full of antibodies to protect newborns against disease? And to those who did actually know this, can you explain to me why in the world Kuja would be lactating this kind of breast milk, or any breast milk at all?




9 Responses to “(C80) [pantwo(ziz)] Madoushi no Colostrum (FFIX)”

  1. shizukuxii Says:

    Thanks for this release. *fap* *fap*

  2. T3h Big Bon Says:

    Colostrum is what you would call the first milk to come out of a mother and is usually yellowish in color. However, breast milk doesn’t retain that consistency because the baby keeps on drinking it and the mother has to keep making more, so later ones aren’t usually as concentrated.

    Guys, on the other hand, can and will lactate given enough female hormones getting pumped into their system. So, if a guy is getting pumped full of hormones and lactates, the first time milk comes out, even without having given birth as is usually when the lactation process begins for females (yes, hentais with lactation are bullshit, unless the female chara just happen to gave birth, never stopped breastfeeding, or is getting pumped full of hormone that tosses her body’s hormonal balance out of whack) is still technically colostrum.

  3. Angelkat Says:

    I love you guys @_@ Bow down to the king.

  4. Ehud Says:

    Awesome. I can’t get enough of these futa girls. Many thanx.

  5. Randomguy664 Says:

    Actually, it seems to be at least the artist’s second book. Released a book titled ‘かちクジャ観察日誌’ on 05/02/10.

    Whether he has released any other books, dunno.

  6. KujaismaiWaifu Says:

    Yep, there is a 2nd Book out:

    damn it – need to buy more kleenex – more kuja by ziz = kleenex shareholder get a good month ^_^

  7. Alhambra Says:

    My eyes… My childhood…


  8. Naeko Says:

    One of the key reason why the pituitary gland is located and hooked to the brain is related to the various bodily processes that the gland’s hormones regulate such as whether or not a breast lactates, for how long the breast lactates after giving birth, and how long after birth the female can suppress impregnation in a form of natural birth control. See, the brain is pretty powerful based upon what it recognizes and the key is the various types of hormones the pituitary puts out.

    For females, frequent attempted nursing can cause the breast to swell up a bit and be able to lactate after some time. How much time I don’t remember from the article. But the stimulation at the nipple causes feedback in the brain which then commands the pituitary to secrete hormones that makes the breasts ready to lactate again.

    Also, a female who keeps lactating and obtaining nursing stimulation at least 3 or more times per day at regulated intervals, typically has impregnation delayed for as much as a year (depending on the woman). I guess this is a natural consequence that if the female is still actively nursing, then pregnancy can be delayed until nursing stops or some arbitary time period up to a year has elapsed (depends on the woman). Again, thanx to the pituitary gland getting feedback from the brain.

    Then, you’ve heard that females who live closely with one another can begin to converge on the dates of their monthly periods. Now, something like that obviously requires some sort of feedback process as well as pheromones or who knows what. I’ve read of this over and over, but haven’t found any more info in casual searching.

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