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[Gokudou Daigensui & Double Slash] Monthly Issue Suzuno Fuusuke October 15, 2011

Full color, androgynous, feminine shota gangrape and some lovely extra images. Short but bonerific. Absolutely crazy redraw work went into this by a contributor. She really outdid herself, I think.
There are at least 10 more of these beauties! Gotta catch ’em all!

Question to the readers: What the hell is with “oji” Japanese? Japan has this reputation of being a great deal about honor and integrity and respect… but in just about every manga/donjon ever made, these old “uncles” are always speaking like they were the scum of the earth! maybe that’s why so many feature these old “uncle” figures?




2 Responses to “[Gokudou Daigensui & Double Slash] Monthly Issue Suzuno Fuusuke”

  1. JukanX Says:

    Eh, in my country there’s a saying that translated goes approximately like “it’s not the pig that becomes old, it’s the old that becomes a pig”. Apparently in Japan old men are the epitome of lecherousness too… Not that the stereotype necessarily matches with reality.

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