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[Beru Okabayashi] Sweet Drug October 16, 2011

Filed under: Dark Mac,Keevan,Mind Break,Okabayashi Beru,Trap,Yaoi — Blurk @ 3:17 am

Crossdressing little brother comes up with a plan to break his older brother into his sex slave forever. Delicious trap fucking a guy. If any of the readers has other stuff like this to recommend, I’d be glad to check it out and likely translate it.





7 Responses to “[Beru Okabayashi] Sweet Drug”

  1. klyde Says:

    Great stuff; everyone should have such a loving little brother

  2. hazydawn Says:

    Already had that one translated but yours seems a little better ^^
    Anyway I won’t complain :O

  3. Kei Says:

    Thank you very much for you works!
    I’ve some suggestions:
    Yui by Udk
    Josou Hen 2 by Hiiragi Masaki
    Josou Ryokou by Ueda Yuu
    But these are just suggestions ;).

    • Dark Mac Says:

      Those are all guy fucking trap, not trap fucking guy.

      And damn, didn’t realize it was already TL’d. The other TL’s good too. Oh well, at least it’s short.

  4. CooRo Says:

    Thank!! it would be great if you upload your magnificent work on MF.


  5. Brahm Says:

    Thank you, I love your translations and Keevan does a wonderful editing job.

    As for other similar, Ero Shota vol 14 has one with 3 traps on 1 guy. Not sure about the japanese name (hurdur does not compute moon language) but it’s the 4th story. Ero shota overall usually has one or two good trap on guy every volume, so they’re all worth a peek.

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