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[pantwo (ZIZ)] Kachi Kuja Kansatsu Nisshi (Final Fantasy IX) October 28, 2011

Filed under: Anal,Final Fantasy,Forced,Genderbender,Group,Masamune,Pagan,pantwo,Yaoi — Blurk @ 4:34 pm

The search for the greatest milk on Gaia continues. Can you guess where the milk is going to come from?

Question to the readers:
Tea or coffee? Sugar or milk?





3 Responses to “[pantwo (ZIZ)] Kachi Kuja Kansatsu Nisshi (Final Fantasy IX)”

  1. Zathael Says:

    Coffee and milk. I will drink tea from time to time, but it is pretty rare compared to the amount of coffee I drink. When I do drink tea though, it is usually fruit or herbal flavored, and I use sugar. *shrug*

  2. hazydawn Says:

    Coffee in the morning and in school to keep me awake(with sugar ^^)
    and in the evening a tea(also sugar) for supper đŸ˜®

  3. T. Starrk Says:

    Coffee with lots of creams and lots of sugar & cigarettes. I can’t drink coffee without smoking too. Never liked tea.

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