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[Cannabis] If I lived sexually with a little brother like this November 9, 2011

Filed under: Cannabis,Incest,Masamune,Pagan,Trap,Yaoi — Blurk @ 2:43 am

The continuation of the epic saga between a femme, queer little brother and his hopeless piece of shit older brother. Again, Cannabis splits it up into a few separate stories rather than go for a coherent, interconnected narrative. We have some fever sex, some at the festival sex, and some “my friends are right there!” sex. Anyway, if you’re hooked on Cannabis, this is a fix for you.

Also, do note the lovely redraws that are on pretty much every page in this thing. We had a very nice combined effort from two of our editors (Pagan and Nemesis) and the result is pretty fucking fantastic. Ain’t nothing we won’t do for righteous, incestuous , homosexual butt sex.

Question to the readers:
Which of the three stories was your favorite? Should Cannabis try harder to make longer stories?





6 Responses to “[Cannabis] If I lived sexually with a little brother like this”

  1. SHADEN Says:

    i think the gay porn filming gang rape series was the best (please do the second part of that series: 放課後FUCK!!女装DC肉欲便器)

  2. JukanX Says:

    Many thanks for the release, guys.
    Definitely the summer festival story for me. Too bad the ending is kinda lame; apart from the “I’ve suddenly forgot how to put on this yukata” line, the only thing that requires skill is the sash, and it’s not like they did undo it…

  3. momo Says:

    thanks for this release, i really like Cannabis’s style^^

  4. Sana Says:

    Love Cannabis’s art thank zou a lot!!~)

  5. kali Says:

    Like Shaden, I preferred the gay porn ring (really hope someone got their hands on the sequel!)

    I… in spite of the righteous write-up for this series, after I d/l-ed and started reading I was so bored I don’t think I even got to the porn. At least in the BIL series the guy gets a face, c’mon.

  6. hazydawn Says:

    I like it the way it is. Love you guys ^^

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