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(C80) [Ash wing] KIRA (Original) November 13, 2011

Filed under: Ash Wing,Full Colour,Masamune,Trap,Yaoi — Blurk @ 1:58 am

Here’s another short, original yaoi piece by Makuro / Ash Wing. As usual, the shota is delicious! If the whole cyborg / Nendroids / machine wife thing appeals to you, you’ll probably like this. There is another English release of this story that came out today, so if you are on other websites, no, you’re not seeing double.

Question to the readers:
I don’t usually do this, and I know the results are going to be skewed, but I’d quite like to see what people think between our release and the other release. That is to ask, which release do you think is better? Please make sure to tell us why or we’re not going to be able to get that much better at what we do!

Our release:
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Upload Mirrors
Other release:


3 Responses to “(C80) [Ash wing] KIRA (Original)”

  1. Salsk Says:

    I think this one’s the best
    Because I’m the one who translated it, haha.

  2. hazydawn Says:

    Oh now your posting one after another ^^
    Ash wing is always nice, hope to see more of him 😀

  3. ChRno Says:


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